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  • Ryan Ward
    Please see below screen shot.  Could this be due to previously installing the R-motion and TGC software on another PC?  I also downloaded the free license.  When I tried launching the game, I received a Directx3D error.  Unfortunately, that computer did not have a compatible graphics API. So, I've built a new PC specifically for this game/simulator, but I'm stuck... I'm not able to connect to the R-motion server to download the free license.  
    I've uninstalled the game from the previous computer.  What else can I do to get this working?
    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Paul Weyant


    I'm having the same problem. Getting 'unable to connect to R-Motion server' error.

    Anyone from R-Motion able to help?



  • Ryan Ward


    Is the first time you’re installing it? If so, maybe the R-motion server is down... 😢 I was hoping to get support over the weekend, but it may have to wait until Monday.

    Best regards,

  • Paul Weyant

    Thanks Ryan,

    Yes this is my 1st time installing. I think you’re right, their server is probably down. I sent an email to the support department, but doubt they’ll come in over the weekend to fix.


  • Tom Ishikawa

    I have been having a heck of a problem installing the R-Motion application on a laptop I specifically bought for this Simulator and Analyzer. Customer Support has been great assisting me and just today  sent me over a link for ta new version that the engineers developed for me. Unfortunately the new app from that link did not work again. I continue to get an error message that the installation did not complete. A roll back status was executed so no changes were mad.

    I'll continue to work with Service (again very supportive) but if we can't get this resolved anyone have a suggestion for an alternative? I'm hoping that whatever the issue is we can get it resolved.

    I also remarked to Service that a more comprehensive user manual be provided.


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